Hair strands could reveal the lifestyle secrets of criminals

Scientists have developed a new forensic technique that is so precise it could be able to determine which one of two genetically identical twins is the heaviest from just a few strands of hair. Continue Reading

One-Quarter of Colorectal Cancers Linked to Lifestyle

WASHINGTON — Lifestyle factors including smoking and eating red meat may cause one-quarter of colorectal cancer cases, a new study from Australia finds.

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Dublin Airport summer flights schedule will help you decide your holidays

Deciding on the right holiday destination is likely to make or break your summer, so anything that makes the hunt a little easier is welcome.

Dublin Airport‘s extensive summer schedule has hardly narrowed it down, but it will at least give an idea of the perfect trip. Continue Reading

No woman should have to prove they were raped to claim child benefit. What is this madness?

No woman should have to prove she was raped to be able to claim child tax credits. It’s a dramatic statement, and it’s one that has raised many questions – so perhaps it’s best to go back to the start.

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